Day #2: Art on Auction

For test purposes, we collected data from an art auction website which contains data about each item on auction:

We downloaded a test set of 200 visual art auction pages and found out that 27% was made with oil, 7 % were prints, and 3 % painted with acrylic. The top 4 art selling cities are Berlin (15 % of available art in the auction), Otzberg (6 %), Frankenthal (3 %), and Essen (3 %).

Art auction data gives a new insight into art: what is available, what are the average or median prices of different art forms such as acrylic paintings, or what are the most active art selling cities.

Perhaps such data could also be used for following art trends among specific geographical regions. For example, based on our dataset, Planegg turned out to be a very lively art selling municipality. We also noticed interesting niche (?) art forms, such as “Afrikabild”.

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