We Love Open Data at “Invisible Cities”, Korjaamo/Helsinki

Martti, Kim and Miska took part in the “Invisible Cities” event, arranged by the Helsinki World Design Capital (HWDC), at Korjaamo/Helsinki, 4th February 20112, furthering knowledge of Open Data and government transparency.

We Love Open Data was there, working together with the Informaatiomuotoilu (Information Design) team. Together we spent the day, besides talking to visitors, gathering data and producing visualisations around various themes such as age distributions, income levels, political affiliations, and more, for different Helsinki districts

Personally, I see Open Government Data (OGD) as an important means, to help people to understand the society around them, and to have more informed reflections, conversations and agency in/to politics. The conversations with visitors made clear the importance of OGD and uses of this. People, who might not have known very much about OGD when meeting us, quickly understood the importance of opening and making good use of this, and very much looked forward to getting information tools they could use to get a larger overview of society

Besides We Love Open Data and Informaatiomuotoilu, Apps4Finland, Helsinki Region Infoshare, PixelAche, the Alternative Party, Forum Virium and IBM were at the “Invisible Cities” event, furthering Open Government Data work.

The “Invisible Cities” event’s aim was bring actors in the Open Government Data and information visualisation field in contact with the people, in a casual, cosy and entertaining way. Events concerning these topics often take place with a niche audience, and while these meetings are needed, contact and outreach to the public that the matters actually affect, is then limited. The “Invisible Cities” thus filled an important gap in Open Government Data work, bringing knowledge of the pro-democracy efforts to the public
Many thanks to Antti Kirjalainen at HWDC for putting it together!

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