Our Love

We Love Open Data. Therefore, we search for interesting data, clean it up, publish it and then visualize it.

We Love Open Data. Therefore, we share our Open Data knowledge and skills with you.

We Love Open Data. Therefore, we arrange hands-on workshops to demonstrate the idea and benefits of Open Data in practice.

We Love Open Data. Therefore, we prefer our data raw http://ua-scams.com/tag/uadreams-scams/

We Love Open Data. How about You?


Today, officials and private companies publish more and more of their data publicly on the internet. Budgets, timetables, costs, crimes, births, deaths – you can get it all

We gather the data and clean it up so that computers can understand it. (For example: budget data into Excel.)

Then we clean the data and make some calculations. (How much does the army get if you compare it to health services?)

Then we visualize the data. Budget example is very simple, but things get more exiting when they get more complex. One question would be: can we make just one picture that clearly shows how budgets of all european countries have changed since the 1950’s?

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