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The Open Data Lovers

Miska Knapek, Graphic information designer www.knapek.org
Miska Knapek is a visual/information designer/artist, exploring new ways of seeing and understanding the world, making new forms of representations, particularly focusing on the personal information sphere. Part of the “making interest” involves enabling others access to creative possibilities. Miska is thus also engaged in the changing models of creative practice enabled by digital fabrication and fablabs. Recently he has been working with Open Data and taking information representation to the physical realm. His work has been exhibited internationally in professional and artist festivals

Martti Leppänen, Coder
Martti Leppänen is an open data hacker and an entrepreneur. He’s working as an IT consultant for businesses, and lately his work on open data visualisation has been published in blogs and newspapers

Esa Mäkinen, Journalist Blog: HS Next
Esa Mäkinen is an open data advocate at Helsingin Sanomat, the leading daily newspaper of Finland. He usually works as staff writer for culture desk, covering media, litterature and comics. Lately he has been active in pushing open data into Helsingin Sanomat. Main organizer for HS Open events, which are Hack Days dedicated to open data.

Kim Viljanen, Activist
Kim is a doctoral candidate in the Semantic Computing Research Group at the Aalto University with a research interest in e.g. linked open data, the semantic web, content management technologies and ontology services. Outside the university, Kim enjoys fostering digital creativity, innovations, co-creativity and spreading new ideas in the society and to corporations. He has e.g. produced digital culture festivals, events, television programs and other media content. Kim is a member of many digitally oriented associations and companies in Finland and internationally, such as in the boards of the Alternative Party association, the Travelling Salesman association, the Finnish Microcomputer Museum association, the Finnish Media Art Network, and a start-up company that will make money smarter. Kim enjoys the word revolution!

Pia Ojanen
Pia Ojanen is a PhD candidate and teacher at Aalto University School of Science, interested in web services, social media, sharing and Internet of Things. Pia got quite accidentally involved with the open data movement, when she proposed a seminar course about open data to her professor and soon found out that she had to organize the course herself. After that she has been involved in organizing other related events as well, excited about the lively scene that has been evolving around the topic

Saara Ahokoski
Saara Ahokoski is an open data devotee. She is an environmental aesthetics graduate and especially interested in urban aesthetics. She lives for good design and supports innovative use of public space.

We are open for you, too.

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